Future Classic: Recomposed
Future Classic: Recomposed is an audio-visual project that reimagines eight standout songs from the label's catalog as ambient and classical compositions. Future Classic is an award-winning independent music label, artist management team, and touring agency with offices in LA and Sydney. The project encompasses a visual campaign that offers both still and animated images for each song, capturing the essence of the recomposition concept. The visual side of the project is conceived as both a social and branding initiative, encompassing a wide range of assets and applications. At its core is a collectible double gatefold vinyl, with printed inner sleeves. Available on all good listening platforms.

Growing up, I spent hours at my mum's record player, captivated by the vinyls. The turntable's spin and the delicate dance of the needle fascinated me. I cherished the moment of sliding a record from its sleeve, always mindful of my mum's warnings about the fragility of the vinyl and needle. The LP's sleeves, often featuring gatefolds or foldouts, captivated me and were instrumental in sparking my love for the physical aspects of music. This sentiment inspired my approach to this project.

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Key deliverables
Double gatefold vinyl + printed inner sleeve
Music production
Motion design  

Mastered by Becki Whitton