Structures is a visual concept album that pairs eight visual pieces with eight songs. The music is a patchwork of songs created over a four-year period. The project wasn't intentional until its final stages; the narrative inadvertently emerged when paired with a series of visuals I'd been experimenting with. This resulting narrative charts a journey through various emotional states and experiences, with each song and visual symbolizing a distinct aspect of this journey.

The visuals for Structures were conceptualized as a branding and social campaign, commencing with the development of a signature icon—a star—used consistently across all assets. The record was released as a limited edition, with only 100 vinyl copies, accompanied by a signed and embossed A2 poster insert. Available here.
Key deliverables
Vinyl package 
Social media animations  
Youtube visualisers

Mixed by Simon Lam & Andrei Eremin
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri
Animations created in collaboration with Maxwell Prendergast